J2534-3 Implementation Project

This project will implement the SAE J2534-3 specification, which is a compliance test for the J2534-1 API.

The SAE J2534-1 document specifies a "PassThru" API for connecting from a computer to a vehicle. As the only standard vehicle communication API, it has been widely adopted by the vehicle OEMs and their suppliers. Everything from ECU Reprogramming to J1699-3 OBD-II Compliance Tests has been built on it, and a wide variety of devices are now implementing this standard.

Unfortunately, not all devices implement the standard correctly, and this is causing major headaches for the vehicle OEMs and even the tool makers who are compliant. The SAE J2534-3 specification will document the procedure to test J2534 devices, and this project will implement those tests as code. Device manufacturers and consumers will be able to run these tests to detect compliance problems with their J2534-1 devices.

Currently, the project is in the developers-only phase. No file releases will be made until we have a 'critical mass' of tests. Developers interested in helping out can take a look at the source code repository directly. If you have subversion, type the following:

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/j2534-3/trunk j2534-3

If you have TortiseSVN, select Check Out and enter the URL: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/j2534-3/trunk

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